Making of 1000000

This is the day we shoot our first video of “Aneka” project. Achala came up with the idea of Aneka and the project is about making unconventional music. Using the man made “noises” of our day tday life to make tracks. So in this first one Achala used noises comes from roadside lottery sellers to make the track “koatiya” aka 1000000. I came with the storyline and lot of ideas came in from everyone in he team Adams,Kamal, Sanjaya, Charith…No one directed the video but all of us. That was experiment we did. Actually everyone wanted to execute their ideas when we were on the location. So that it ended half fighting, disagreeing with each other. But it was fun. Don was helping us documenting the making and Achala did both the editing the vid and the making of. There are more vids to come under the project Aneka.


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