Alimankada Film- The road from Elephant Pass- Reveiwed

Check this article published on 12.12.20 on Sunday “Siyatha”

Special Thanks goes to Koombiya @ who is helping and appreciating other peoples work without expecting anything!!!


5 thoughts on “Alimankada Film- The road from Elephant Pass- Reveiwed

  1. Amila your unstinted enthusiasm to uplift the Sri Lankan cinema is noted with a BIG Thank You ! Please continue what you are doing.Constructive criticism is what we need today and you are exactly doing that.Keep up your good work Amila !!

  2. Amila,

    i really liked your review.. thank you for your in depth evaluation, and constructive criticism.. it is quite clear that you are extremely knowledgeable, and i only wish all other film critics in this country were as constructive as you…and like you pointed out, its easy for a spectator to find fault with a film, but they shud also know how much work goes into a film, and how difficult it is for someone to write, direct, produce and edit all by himself…absolutely true.. and for that i think the director should be applauded…
    thank you once again, for an intelligent review.

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