The Devil Himself / Short Film/ #ShortsAgainstHumanity

#TheDevilHimself #shortsagainsthumanity#cardsagainsthumanity
#ShortsAgainstHumanity’s second film re-imagines the birth of the man, the myth and the social construct humanity has forever blamed when confronted with the inexplicable.


“Waiting” Wins Again!

“Waiting” an Ultra Short Film by Amila Galappatthi has won the Jury Special Recognition award at Bonsoir Short Film Competition 2010 organized by Alliance Fran├žaise de Kotte Sri Lanka. The Film also received international recognition early this year at the Turkish Short Film festival “Art By Chance” by being in their Official Selection 2010. Special thanks goes to Ms. Anoma Rajakaruna and the TEAM Bonsoir Sri Lanka who was behind the event.

Watch the film,1/2010.htm

Feat. on Argentinian Art Mag

“Waiting” Short Film by Amila Galappatthi on official selection of ARTBYCHANCE film fest 2010

“Waiting” A Very Short Film by Amila Galappatthi is in the official selection of ARTBYCHANCE film fest 2010

Journey of Life – My Stop Motion experimental short film

An ultra short stop motion film using the wheel as a metaphor for life, and how humanity faces the 8 worldly conditions of life as described in Buddhist philosophy.

Written, Animated, Directed and Edited by Amila Galappatthi
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