The Devil Himself / Short Film/ #ShortsAgainstHumanity

#TheDevilHimself #shortsagainsthumanity#cardsagainsthumanity
#ShortsAgainstHumanity’s second film re-imagines the birth of the man, the myth and the social construct humanity has forever blamed when confronted with the inexplicable.


Client : DSI |
Production House : OdloVFX |
Agency : TBWA\TAL |
Idea/Script : Amila Galappatthi
Creative Director : Mario De Soyza
Vfx Supervisor : Firoze |
Rig Clean-up :Jagath, Akalanka, Nilanga |
DOP : Adams Striner |
AD: Nilanga
Art : Ranga |
Production executive:Geeth
Composite : Firoze Farook |
Finishing : Firoze Farook |
Audio :OdloSFX – Amila Nidahasa

Journey of Life – My Stop Motion experimental short film

An ultra short stop motion film using the wheel as a metaphor for life, and how humanity faces the 8 worldly conditions of life as described in Buddhist philosophy.

Written, Animated, Directed and Edited by Amila Galappatthi
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